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What are Trump and Biden’s proposals on the economy and health?

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Both President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden have promised that if they win the November elections in the United States, they will make a radical breakthrough for the next four years, albeit through entirely different paths.

Trump, who is seeking reelection by the Republican Party, insists that the economic remedy will be to reduce taxes and regulations. He portrays himself as a conservative champion in an seemingly endless conflict of values, but the president offers few details on how he would operate the government’s levers in a second four-year term.

For his part, Biden acts as the standard bearer for every Democrat, cataloging the federal government as the collective force that will be able to fight the coronavirus, rebuild the economy, and face ancient institutional racism and a system of systematic inequities.

A veteran of national politics, Joe Biden loves to consider his past negotiator as proof that he will be able to do it again from the Oval Office.

These and other issues leave Americans with an ambiguous choice for the November elections. These are some of the positions of both rivals on key issues:

Economy and taxes
Before the pandemic, Trump was talking about how he had managed to reduce unemployment to its lowest rate in decades and promote an increase never seen before in the stock markets. Although the market has managed to regain much of its level after the collapse in the first weeks of the crisis, unemployment remains relatively high: 11.1% in June, more severe than the lowest point seen during the Great Recession.

Trump predicted a recovery in the American Union economy in the last two quarters of this year and says he will take off like a «space rocket» next year, a prediction based on the conjecture that a coronavirus vaccine.

For his part, Biden raises the need for extreme federal measures to avoid a prolonged recession or depression and to deal with persistent economic inequality that disproportionately affects non-white Americans.

It also proposes more investment in education, infrastructure and small businesses, as well as an increase in the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour.

Biden frames immigration as an economic issue as well. He wants to expand immigration law spaces and offer a pathway to obtaining U.S. citizenship for some 11 million residents who are in the country illegally but who, according to Biden, are already contributing to the country’s economy, as workers. and consumers.

Trump considers the approval of two important trade agreements as distinctive achievements of his presidency: the T-MEC, an updated pact with Mexico and Canada, and Phase 1 of an agreement with China.

The United States and China signed Phase 1 in January, less than two months before the coronavirus pandemic put enormous strain on relations between the two countries.

For his part, Biden has joined a growing bipartisan acceptance of «fair trade» with other nations: a shift from decades of «free trade» talks, at a time when Republican and Democratic governments alike expanded trade. international.

Foreign policy
During his first term, Trump traced his foreign policy around the mantra «America First.»

In addition to the trade agreements, he considers the construction of more than 320 kilometers of his promised wall along the border with Mexico to be great achievements. Persuade more NATO members to deliver on their promise to spend 2% of GDP on defense budget and reduce the United States’ military presence in Afghanistan and other trouble spots.

Biden said that «just the day after the election» would begin with the recovery of relations with allied governments that have been altered under Trump’s strategies.

Biden’s top priority is to reestablish the foundations of NATO, the post-World War II alliance with Western powers that Biden said are necessary to counter Russia’s expansionist and aggressive goals in Eastern Europe and Asia.

As for immigration, the former vice president calls for expanded legal immigration opportunities, while reversing Trump’s cuts to foreign support programs aimed at promoting global stability and reducing migration.

The US president has pushed for schools to fully open this upcoming school year despite the pandemic, as an opportunity to draw attention to his support for charter schools, which are private, publicly funded institutions.

For most of the Trump period, his government has tried to increase support for federal charter schools, but Congress has responded with relatively low increases.

As for higher education, Trump has repeatedly complained that campuses are attacked for «radical left indoctrination.» He recently threatened to cut funds to universities, arguing that he instructed the Treasury Department to reexamine the exemption status of taxes and federal funds for unspecified schools.

Biden wants the federal government to partner with the states so that public higher education is free for any student whose family income is up to $ 125,000 a year.

Medical attention
As a candidate for the White House, Trump promised that he would «immediately» replace President Barack Obama’s healthcare law with his own plan that would offer «insurance for all,» but it has not happened.

Biden wants a «Medicare-like public option» to compete alongside private insurance markets for working-age Americans, while increasing premium subsidies that many blue-collar workers already use under the Patient Protection and Care Act Affordable Health. He estimates it would cost around $ 750 billion over 10 years.

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Pauline, primer testimonio de esterilización forzada en EU.

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Pauline Binam es originaria de Camerún. Llegó a Estados Unidos cuando tenía solo 2 años. Ha hecho su vida en aquel país, del que la quieren deportar desde 2017 cuando la detuvieron y encerraron en un centro para migrantes de Irwin, Georgia.

Binam tiene una hija de 11 años y ya no podrá tener más. Quedó estéril tras ser sometida a un procedimiento obstétrico del que dice que no se le explicó nada. La hermana de Pauline, Nicole Binam dijo a MILENIO que se enteró que su hermana había asistido a un procedimiento quirúrgico para la remoción de un quiste, pero terminó sometida a una histerectomía con la que quedó estéril.

La defensa y familia de Pauline piden que a más tardar el 30 de septiembre, cuando su única hija cumple 12 años, se informe de lo ocurrido y se le libere.

Azadeh Shahshahani, la directora del Proyecto Sur, que presentó la queja que incluye los testimonios de al menos 17 mujeres, entre ellas Pauline, que sufrieron histerectomías involuntarias, explicó que en los centros de detención de ICE hay una violencia y vulneración de derechos humanos, específicamente contra mujeres negras y morenas. Por ello, abogados, activistas y familiares de víctimas esperan que otras mujeres que hayan sufrido violencia obstétrica u otro tipo de vulneraciones se unan a esta queja ante el inspector general de ICE.

Comentó que por el momento no se revelaría información como nombres o nacionalidad de otras de las migrantes que están denunciando procedimientos quirúrgicos sin su consentimiento, pues temen que pudiera haber represalias en su contra por parte de ICE, como ocurrió con Pauline Binam.

El fin de semana una migrante de Cuba aseguró que también la sometieron a un procedimiento similar sin su consentimiento. La enfermera que primero denunció esta situación tiene evidencias directas e indirectas de las irregularidades.

El Project South y el Proyecto de Rendición de Cuentas Gubernamentales envió una carta al Congreso de Estados Unidos para que se investiguen estas irregularidades a la brevedad. En el centro de detención de migrantes de Irwin se denuncian otras negligencias como falta de pruebas, protocolos y acciones para prevenir contagios de covid-19.

En manifestaron, afuera de las instalaciones del centro de detención de Irwin se ha exigido que se haga justicia para las mujeres que sean liberadas y el centro sea cerrado.

El viernes, el presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador declaró que ya se investigaba para determinar si hay alguna mujer mexicana afectada. En Twitter, la embajadora de México ante Estados Unidos, Martha Bárcena, confirmó que trabajaba en estrecha coordinación con la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores (SRE) en investigar esta situación.

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Trump administration threatens to cut funds to NY, Portland and Seattle for «allowing anarchy» in protests.

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The United States Department of Justice, in response to the memorandum that President Donald Trump issued earlier this month, on Monday named New York, Portland, and Seattle as three cities that allow «anarchy, violence and destruction» during protests against racial injustice, so they could face a cut in the federal funds they receive.

The designation drew immediate criticism from local officials and comes after months in which Trump has claimed that cities run by Democrats are «rife with violence and lawlessness,» despite the fact that most protests against racial injustice have been peaceful.

On September 3, the president published a memorandum to «hold local politicians accountable for refusing to protect communities» and announced that he would «explore ways» to ensure that federal funds «are spent to fulfill the promise of the president of the law. and order ”.

An attempt to cut federal funding to cities would likely face immediate legal challenges. Several federal judges ruled in favor of local governments when the Trump administration tried to withhold funds linked to immigration policies.

Barr lashes out at local leaders
The Justice Department said the three cities were identified because they meet the four main criteria, which include “prohibiting police force from intervening to restore order amid widespread or sustained violence or destruction” and “removing or removing power from funds to police departments. »

«When state and local leaders prevent their own law enforcement officers and agencies from doing their jobs, innocent citizens who deserve to be protected are endangered, including those trying to peacefully assemble and protest,» Attorney General William Barr said in a statement. «We cannot allow federal tax money to go to waste when the safety of citizenship is at stake,» he said.

Barr also said he hoped this designation would convince cities to «reverse course» and «begin to protect citizens.»

Democrats say it is «another of Trump’s games»
The US attorney general’s statements were condemned by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats, who accused the Trump administration of politicizing law enforcement.

«This is just another one of President Trump’s games,» De Blasio said.

In a joint statement, De Blasio, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan denounced the designation as «completely political and unconstitutional.»

“Our cities are bringing communities together; our cities are moving forward after fighting a pandemic and facing the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, all despite the recklessness and partisanship of the White House, ”the joint statement said.

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Rusia autoriza ensayos clínicos y anuncia su tercera vacuna.

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Autoridades del Ministerio de Salud ruso ha dado el visto bueno para los ensayos clínicos de otra vacuna rusa contra el coronavirus, desarrollada por el Instituto de Poliomielitis y Encefalitis Viral M.P. Chumakov de Moscú.

Desde el Ministerio han precisado que los ensayos “comenzarán pronto” en las ciudades rusas de Kírov, San Petersburgo y Novosibirsk.

“Está previsto que en las investigaciones participen más de 3 mil voluntarios, lo que cumple con los requisitos de la Organización Mundial de la Salud y de los reguladores internacionales y permitirá realizar estudios de una cantidad confiable de datos científicos”, reza el comunicado del Ministerio ruso.

Los voluntarios que participen en los ensayos clínicos de la vacuna contra el coronavirus del centro Chumakov obtendrán toda la información necesaria sobre el procedimiento, posibles beneficios, riesgos e inconvenientes asociados a la investigación. Después de ser vacunados, los voluntarios estarán aislados durante 16 días en un hospital con acreditación especializada para realizar ensayos clínicos, donde los médicos controlarán su estado.

“Esperamos completar los ensayos clínicos en noviembre de este año”, adelantó Aidar Ishmujamétov, director general del Centro científico federal de investigaciones y desarrollo de fármacos inmunobiológicos M.P. Chumakov.

Este centro se estableció sobre la base del Instituto de Poliomielitis y Encefalitis Viral de la Academia de Ciencias de la URSS y actualmente es una de las instituciones científicas de nivel mundial en el campo de la virología médica, incluido el estudio de las infecciones por enterovirus, encefalitis transmitida por garrapatas, coronavirus y hepatitis virales. El centro cuenta con su propia producción biotecnológica de vacunas.

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